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Portable Tester Unit

The unit was basically built for a compressor service shop in order to help the testruns of a wide range of compressors.

The basic unit has a 10 m extension cord which allows to be placed near the compressor for supplying it with power. The available power plugs and convertors gives the abality for the portable tester unit to power up virtually any kind of compressor or industrial equipment within it's power limits.

The modular design gives the ability to complete the unit with different instruments or different number of sockets...


  • Portable
  • Separate 220VAC and 380VAC circuits
  • Modular design
  • 4 industrial sockets
  • 10m extension cord


  • 10 m extension cord
  • Available standard extensions:
    • voltmeter
    • ammeter
    • wattmeter
    • star-delta starter
    • Custom extensions on request
  • Circuit and equipment protection
  • Easy transport
  • Elactrically separated circuits for 230VAC and 380VAC
  • Main switch and light indication for each power line
  • Compact version available on request